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5+ Crazy Acts Done in the Name of Travel

We sat down to reflect on the craziest things we’ve ever done in the name of travel and adventure.  Some are silly, others stupid, and still others mild in comparison to what we’ve seen our peers do.  You be the judge and tell us what you think.


6.  Giving up my seat on a flight 3 times in a row, just for the free tickets.

Each time they re-booked me, there was another bump opportunity asking to be taken. After the third round, I was going in for one more, but my family demanded that I make it home by Christmas Eve.  (Fair enough!)  A minor inconvenience and in return a gift that kept on giving for the year that followed. It pays to have a confirmed seat and a little scheduling flexibility.


5. Hopping a $200 flight from the Midwest to London on Friday, just to hang out with friends for the weekend, and returning to work on Monday morning. . . . Then 3 weeks later, doing it again!


4. Wandering around Paris for 13 hours, with a Belgian man 45 years my senior, who barely understood my American-English accent.

It was a bit challenging, but he was charming enough and promised to be a great tour guide. So, we hopped the first train from Brussels to Paris, and off we went.  What can I say? I’d never been to the city of lights and I could not pass up the opportunity for a friendly (and free) tour guide.


3. Trekking to a hidden spot in the middle of the night with a virtual stranger on the promise of the best view of Athens and a chance to hang out with the locals.

The view of Parthenon was stunning, the local teens belting out Grecian ballads were amazing!  So, it was worth the risk . . .that is,  until the romantic moonlight (and Giorgos’ memories of all the movies where the lonely American and the sexy Greek hook up) stoked his romantic nature!  The rest of the quickly shortened adventure was spent slapping away his smitten octopus tentacles.  But, that’s another story for another day.  In this case, he was harmless so it worked out fine.  But, I’d have to think hard before I did something like this again.


2.  A Mileage Run from Chicago to Phoenix to Spokane, Washington and back again in 36 hours…. without a driver’s license.

Just Think: TSA drama, inability to rent a car, hotel that was a $50 taxi ride away.  The comfie first class experience and 7400 frequent flier miles in the bank was worth the $142 round trip and achy buns.  So, what can I say? A month later, I did it again.  But this time, I had proper ID and I never left the airport. Hopped the flight back home and was in bed by midnight.

1.  Staying up for 48 hours straight, stalking a website in pursuit of the daily 5-15 minute window during which free hotel rooms were given away.

It seemed crazy at the time, but my sister’s 4 free nights in a 4-star Parisian hotel were worth every sleepless hour.

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