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Michelle, Sasha & Malia Obama Travel To Africa

One of our personal missions is to encourage other women, especially women-of-color, to travel and experience the world for themselves. We’d love to see more women who look like us flitting down the narrow aisles of those transoceanic flights.  So, it’s pretty exciting to see Michelle Obama travel — with her daughters in tow.

Last summer, the Obama ladies vacationed in southern Spain. If that wasn’t exciting enough, last week, they just returned from southeast Africa. Though the trip drew criticism stateside, the impact this trip had on  women across South Africa and Botswana is undeniable.  And, the influence on Malia & Sasha – seeing the birth and death place of Apartheid, meeting women and children proudly supporting one another through HIV/AIDS, celebrating the strength of woman at the Young African Women Leaders Forum, and experiencing wildlife at a local game reserve – will be long lasting. They covered a lot of ground in just a week.  Here are a few highlights from the trip.

Botswana Arrival: Welcomed With A Traditional Dance & Song

Let’s Move! Campaign: South African Township Style

Giving Back: Michelle, Malia & Sasha Reading To Children At The Emthonjeni Community Center in Zandspruit Township, South Africa

Reflecting On Nelson Mandela

First Lady’s Keynote Address To The African Women Leaders Forum

  1. ElleX says

    I am so happy to see First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters travelling abroad and spreading goodwill.

    1. Chelle says

      Hi Elle,

      We are too. I wish I could have gone along with them on that trip!


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