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This is London: Travel Books For Kids

Last summer, I fell in love with the ethnic food book series for kids that I discovered in Whole Foods.  Now a new set of children’s travel books have stolen my heart.  You MUST check out Miroslav Šašek’s “This Is …” series.


This is London, New York, San Francisco, Paris … and the list goes on and on.

"This Is" Travel Book Series by Miroslav Sasek

Czech architect, Miroslav Šašek, began his career in children’s literature in the late 1940’s — just before the coup d’état in his home country.  After emigrating to Germany and trying his hand at radio, he returned to writing. Then in 1959, Šašek published “This is Paris”, the first in his beloved 18-book series. For more than 50 years, children everywhere have been able to sample the world’s greatest locales through his works.

Even though the books have won numerous awards over the years, I’ve never heard of them until today! (Yes, I’m still trying to figure out how I could have possibly missed this!)   What’s exciting is that Random House has reissued many of the books in the series during the past few years. I guess the old adage is true …  “What’s old is new again!”


Here’s the full list of the books in Šašek’s “This Is” series ….  The coolest thing about it?  GILT has them on sale for the next few days.  (BTW, GILT’s also offering a deal on the “Larry Gets Lost” book series which will be our next reading list post on kids books.)

Book Cover Book Title Published Reissued
This is Paris 1959 2004
This is London 1959 2004
This is Rome 1960 2007
  This is New York 1960 2003
This is Edinburgh 1961 2006
This is Munich 1961 —-
This is Venice 1961 2005
This is San Francisco 1962 2003
This is Israel 1962 2008
This is Cape Canaveral
later This is Cape Kennedy
now This is the Way to the Moon
1963 2009
This is Ireland 1964 2005
This is Hong Kong 1965 2007
This is Greece 1966 2009
This is Texas 1967 2006
     This is the United Nations 1968 —-
  This is Washington, DC 1969 —-
This is Australia 1970  —-
This is Historic Britain
now This is Britain
1974  2008


The world has changed in the half-century since Šašek penned his first book in the series.  If he was still alive today, which cities would you want him to add to the mix?  I’d totally ask for:

Africa:  Accra, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Capetown, Johannesburg, Lagos, Marrakech

Asia:  Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Mumbai, Tokyo

Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Great Barrier Reef

Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Prague, Stockholm, Venice

North America:  Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver

South America:  Bogota, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo


Are there children in your life that you want to introduce to the world? Even if there aren’t, this is still a great series to get — especially if you’re a sucker for good visual design and illustration like me.


Stay Fly!

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