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5 Places We’ve Never Been & Why We Must Go

The Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival is back in town and we’re excited to be hosting the festivities! This time the carnival-goers will be vibing about the 5 places we’ve never been & why we want to go.  Only 5? That’s tough!  Here are our top 5 travel bucket list locales.  Check out what all the other fabulous travelistas have on their lists, then tell us what’s on YOURS!


Our Top 5

Phuket, Thailand (Both of us)
We have been wanting to visit Thailand for a long time.  After the Tsunami happened, we were touched by the strength of the people and that made us want to go even more. The culture is rich, the language is beautiful, the beaches are stunning and the exchange rate is easy on the pocket — an irresistible combination.

credit:  TravelHolidayGallery.com / FreePixels.com


Bora Bora (Crystal)
Temperatures ranging between 75 and 90 degrees year round. Clear turquoise & blue water like you’ve never seen. Sleeping in over-water bungalows. Snorkeling for days.  There’s a reason this French Polynesian wonder was recently named best island in the world. How could I not want to go there?


Seychelles (Chelle)
It all started with a beautiful Iranian boy that I had a crush on in college. After a few flirty weeks hanging out, he hopped a plane to spend the rest of his last summer before grad school in Seychelles. My first thought was “You’re going WHERE??” then I searched the map until I found this barely visible string of islands off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. My “Adonis” sent me a gorgeous postcard bragging of beautiful beaches and afternoons swimming with playful fish. That’s the moment Seychelles earned its place as the first entry on my travel bucket list.  The guy is long gone but my obsession with that place is still strong.  I recently met some folks from the Seychelles tourism board who confirmed that the fish are as playful and curious as young puppies. Ooh I can’t wait!

credit: nikhi_2007


Kenya, Africa (Crystal)
Africa, the continent with so many wonderful places, is a must on my bucket list for personal travel as well as for volunteer/mission work. But there’s something about Kenyan game reserves that make me nostalgic. Stories and photos of Kenya take me back to my first safari tour at the San Diego Zoo.  I was young and as we rode through the safari habitat in an open jeep looking at the animals face-to-face, you couldn’t tell me I was not in Africa! That day I fell in love with the animals from the motherland and it’s time for me to experience the real thing. Can we say “Picture Heaven?”

credit: Eduardo Zárate


Antarctica (Chelle)
I never used to think much about Antarctica, but one day I stumbled upon REI’s travel tours website and after reviewing the Antarctic cruise pricing & itineraries, I was surprised to discover that though expensive, it’s doable with some early planning and saving.   Then, it hit me …. I’ve already been to 5 continents, the 6th (Australia) will happen soon enough. How can I pass on the chance to visit the 7th?  While this trip won’t happen in the next few years, it’s definitely high on my bucket list.  I gotta do it!

credit: John Weller / WaittFoundation.org



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Looking at everyone’s lists has done nothing but kick our ever-burning wanderlust up to the next level. OMG, it’s seriously time to start planning the next adventure!  So, what’s on YOUR list? Please do tell!


This is the last stop for the Traveling Brown Girl Blog Carnival for now.  So, we can’t end this fab conversation about travel destinations without giving a shout-out to Tracey Friley (One Brown Girl) for starting the carnival and to our great co-hosts during the last 10 months — April Thompson (Absolute Travel Addict), Monique Rubin (Mo Travels) and Carol Cain (Girl Gone Travel).  Until the next carnival …


Stay Fly!
Chelle & Crystal
  1. Tyra says

    This list is fantastic! I have so many places I want to go and these are on the list. Not to mention Cuba is on my short list!

  2. Sharee Washington says

    My great-aunt plans to go to Anartica in 2016. The pic of the penguins are so cute, but I’m still not sure about the cold. So many places mentioned in this final travel blog carnival series that I see that my list will evidently change.. by the minute. I’ve been posting in many comments that my list is- Madrid, Spain; Dubai; Paris; London; and Maldives (top 5). And bc I travel with my twin sister, speaking on her behalf, I’ll have to say the next 5 will be-Rio de Janiro, Brazil; Amalfi Coast, Italy; Buenos Aires; Santorini/Athens, Greece; and Thailand. And how can I forget Cape Town, S. Africa. It’s been on my list forever.

  3. Ad-lib Traveller says

    Great list, I love that you have Antarctica on the list as well! A nice alternative to so many warmer climates. Photos are amazing, hope that you get to see as many of these places (and more) as possible 🙂

  4. Carol says

    This list is crazy awesome…and the pics really help to tease the wanderlust!

  5. Claudine says

    Here’s my 5 place that I WILL go to and why!

    Coming from a Caribbean background, and having visited several islands already, I’m almost ashamed that I never traveled to Cuba yet, the largest of the Caribbean islands. I’ve seen the country a few times across the sea from Jamaica, and met many Cubans in the UK and the Bahamas, but so far I’ve yet to land on the island. Time to make it happen, hopefully within Fidel Castro’s lifetime.

    Each time that I’ve considered travelling to Asia, there’s been some form of national disaster or health issue that has deterred me. In 2003, I planned to join a friend on her travels around China. But then news of the SARS outbreak prevented this. By 2004, I was determined to lay on some beaches in Phuket, but the Indian Ocean tsunami washed that dream away. After, learning of a work colleague’s adventures in Japan, I was heading to Tokyo in 2011, but was again deterred by the earthquake and the tsunami. Gotta pluck up the courage! I’m attracted to Japan’s spiritual tranquillity, but have been warned that I may not find it amidst the bustle of Tokyo!

    As a child, the architecture of St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow always fascinated me. I dreamt of it being a magical fairyland place ripe for a Narnia-type adventure. I couldn’t equate the colourful beauty of this building with my gloomy classroom history lessons on Tsar Nicholas and the Cold War. Unfortunately, this gloomy image of life in the regions to the east of Western Europe prevailed for a while. It wasn’t until I travelled to Budapest, a couple of years ago, that my mindset shifted. I was so pleasantly surprised by Hungary, that I’ve vowed to see more of Eastern Europe and Russia is next on my list.

    South Africa:
    My first exposure to South African culture was during a visit to the British Museum at 6 years old. There was a special school event to mark the ending of their exhibition on Africa. It was the first time that I beat an African drum and I marvelled at the athleticism of the dancers. I later learned about the ugliness of Apartheid. The iconic figure of Nelson Mandela represented strength and pride to me. My entire family sat glued to the TV, tears streaming, watching his live release from prison. This poignant image has remained with me since then, symbolising the power of Africa, when faced with so many adverse events throughout the years: http://www.nelsonmandela.org/images/uploads/walking_free.jpg I want to explore the natural beauty of South African land, especially Table Mountain and Mapungubwe.

    I have to admit, this was never a priority location for me until recently. Many Indian economic migrants travelled to the UK at the same time as my grandparents and my parents, so we shared a common ‘first generation UK’ upbringing as we grew in multicultural London. I always heard Indian music being played in the local shops, marvelled at how the Indian ladies wrapped their beautiful saris and how the Sikh men arranged their turbans and beards so immaculately. Then there are my visits to Southall, London, which always feels like a trip to India with the enticing scent of jelabis and samosas frying outdoors as you get close to the Indian shops on the High Street. However, in recent years, I’ve been attracted to the diversity of India’s culture. The West’s recent acknowledgement of Ayureveda in particular has me yearning to discover more about India’s healing wonders.

  6. April D. Thompson says

    Love the story about the guy in Seychelles. Kinda what sparked my interest in India. Thanks for hosting the closing carnival event!

  7. Robin says

    Love Chelle’s story about her Iranian crush and the Seychelles and it sounds like their tourism board is workin’ it! I am so ready to go. Thanks for hosting the carnival! I so regret not joining sooner!

    1. Chelle says

      Hey Robin … Thanks! We’ll just have to do another carnival before too much time passes 🙂

  8. Lola says

    Lovely list! My sister honeymooned in Bora Bora and the pictures they brought back were stunning. You know me and cold climates…Antarctica is right up there alongside the North Pole for me.

    Seychelles just seems divine.

    1. Chelle says

      Thanks, Lola! Now, I just need an infinitely sized wallet so I can do all of these NOW. LOL.

      By the way, I’ve always wondered how you ended up so far north. LOL.

  9. Oneika the Traveller says

    Great list! All the pics I’ve seen of the Seychelles and Bora Bora look unreal. Hope to make it there someday!

  10. Cynthia says

    Wow! Thanks so much for for hosting this, it was such a great idea! I am blog-groupie of Oneika’s, but now I know I will groupie-ing (can we make that a word,lol) many more ladies that love travel like I do, simply because this carnival gave them the opportunity to shine. Way to go ladies! And if you see a tall brown girl with freckles and a big red afro on your travels, let’s do lunch!

    1. Chelle says

      Hi Cynthia,

      Nice to “meet” you and thanks for jumping in on all this “bucket list” blog carnival fun. Lunch would be fun! We’ll keep our eye out for you 😉

  11. Tawanna says

    I agree with Eva! I had a bunch of runner ups that I should’ve printed. Think I’ll go to everyone’s post to let them know what they were..or maybe add the backup to my post. The runner ups were: Madagascar, Phuket, Morocco, The Taj Mahal, Alaska, Sweden, Vienna, Tokyo, Seychelles, Australia, and New Zealand. Many of our lists overlap – Great minds think alike! Thanks for hosting and taking me on another part of our blog carnival world tour.

  12. Eva Jordan-Johnson says

    Thank you for hosting. It was challenging to focus on just 5 places and it was encouraging to participate in the Carnival.

    1. Chelle says

      Eva, I know! Picking 5 was so tough … and I shared my 5 with my sister. So really, I only got 2 and a half. LOL! So many places, so little time!

  13. Aliah says

    Your list is amazing! Thailand and Bora Bora are definitely on my bucket list. Those pictures make you want to get on the plane and just GO! Thanks for hosting the blog carnival–so much fun to see everyone’s lists!

    1. Chelle says

      Hey Aliah! It’s great to hear that we’re like minded. By the time I finished looking for photos, I was ready to start looking for plane tickets. 🙂

  14. Heather Greenwood Davis says

    Your pictures are so gorgeous I now want to go to your five! Thanks for hosting and reminding me to keep my list (and dreams) open.

    1. Chelle says

      Hi Heather. It was really so much fun to host. I’m still working my way through everyone’s lists and my own is just getting longer and longer. LOL!

  15. Monique says

    I remember you mentioning wanting to go to the Seychelles, Chelle. I hope you get there soon. It almost looks like you have a tropical island fixation (not that there’s anything wrong with that) until you threw in Antarctica. I’ll wait for your report on that one. Much to cold for me. I’ve been on safari in Kenya, and I can confirm that it is heaven, but I’ll let you go and see for you self.

    1. Chelle says

      Hey Monique! I know it’s been a long time coming. I think I need to start planning for real now. As for tropical islands, I didn’t realize it either until after I compiled Crystal’s list with mine. I think beautiful oceans and wildlife influenced have more of an influence than I thought. LOL! And, thanks for the word about Kenya. I so can’t wait 🙂

  16. Wonderlusting says

    Fascinating – i’ve read all the lists and amazing every single continent is covered including Antarctica! Most wished for destinations are as follows:

    By country:
    2. Brazil
    3. India, South Pacific, Spain

    By continent:
    1. Africa
    2. Asia, Europe
    3. South America

    Thanks for hosting – such fun!

    1. Chelle says

      Hey Lynda! Wow .. thanks for compiling this. It’s really great to see our collective desires in aggregate.

  17. 2 Girls & a Bikini says

    Awesome list ladies. My list mirrors yours, just replace Antarctica with Mauritius (island off the coast of Africa) and we are all set.

    I’m off to read the rest of the Wanderlists!

    1. Chelle says

      Angela! Oooh Mauritius… I heard it was even nicer than Seychelles. If you come to Antarctica with me, I’ll join you in Mauritius! LOL!

  18. LIly says

    Wonderful carnival and posts! I see many of my own dream destinations on those lists : ) including Mozambique, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and more.

    1. Chelle says

      Hey Lily … oooh yes …. Mozambique, Madagascar and Sri Lanka … such a great list. Let’s go!

  19. meandmypassport says

    Thanks for hosting! And excellent choices! I’m so intrigued by Antarctica and it’s great that it seems more and more tour companies are offering organized trips there.

  20. OneBrownGirl says

    Thanks for participating in and hosting the Carnival! It’s the last on the circuit and it was fun. =) I appreciate your kind words as well.

    And you’re right: Looking at these lists has shaken up my wanderlust, although to be honest, it doesn’t take much.

    Happy travels! I have no doubt that you’ll get to every place on your list…and then some.

    1. Chelle says

      Hey Tracey. This really was fun! I feel you on the wanderlust. Doesn’t take much for us either 😉

  21. InsideJourneys says

    Thanks for hosting this leg of the carnival. I have several of your places on my list as well and I’m sure I’ll be adding more as I read through everyone’s posts. So many places….

    1. Chelle says

      I know right? Just too many wonderful places to choose from.

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