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Travel Fashion: What to Pack/Wear?

Have you ever wondered what to pack for your long weekend getaway or your European adventure? As we prep for every trip we take, we ask stop and ponder the very same thing. Here are the guidelines we try to follow.  Beyond these general tips, we’ll also be sharing specific packing-friendly fashion tips on BrownGirlsFly.


Clothes That Wrinkle Easily: You’re traveling and there’s always more relaxing or sightseeing to do than there is time.  Why waist a second of it every morning worrying about removing wrinkles.  Irons aren’t always available anyway.  This doesn’t mean bring polyester. But, there are a ton of travel friendly materials that lose their wrinkles with a little closet or shower-steam time.

Fanny Packs: This is probably obvious but it still must be said in case there’s even one person out there thinking these are ok. Fanny packs and any other flavor of external money backs brand you as a dorky American and while convenient for you are also super-easy for pick pockets and thieves to snatch from you.

Bulky Sneakers: They’re super comfie but white sneaks with brightly colored swooshes and stripes are not often seen outside of the US.  This is changing as many of the American brands are broadening their reach. However, the low-soled European profile sneaker (think flat soles, minimal patterns, in dark colors like navy, brown or black).

Too Much: Do not over-pack. The trick to doing this is bringing less than you think is necessary. Unless you are a difficult size to shop for, you can buy what you need while you’re there.  So under-pack and leave room in your suitcase for the new sweater, dress, or pants that you’ll love wearing when you return home


Comfortable Shoes: Flats with a little arch support, Mary Janes, stylish walking shoes, European-styled sneakers are all good options. Maybe bring a pair of flip-flops as they take up no space and make great shower shoes, slippers and run down the hall kind of shoes.

Matching Pieces: The trick is to select only one or two color schemes (e.g. black, navy, beige or white) for base layers like pants, tees, skirts, shorts and sweaters.  Then, build a variety of tops that can be paired with any of those base layers.  Solids and prints are fine. Just make sure that most of what you bring can be matched with at least 2 other items in the suitcase. This will give you flexibility enough to respond to the weather and your whim when putting outfits together. And, it’ll make a handful of pieces stretch throughout the trip.

Accessories: The right scarf or accessory can completely transform an outfit.  A casual dress or dark jeans can easily become appropriate for a night on the town when paired with the right shoes and accessories.  In general, accessories take up much less space than an additional outfit.  So, see how you can cut out some dead weight by double-purposing your other outfits.

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