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Photo Journal: Adventure in Guatemala and Belize

Here’s a photographic summary of my adventures in Guatemala and Belize. Eight days is just enough time to experience the jungle landscapes inland as well as the small islands off the coast.

With the closest Mayan ruins spread across several hundred miles in Belize and the neighboring Guatemala, I could not decide which of the cultural sites I wanted to explore. When I landed in Belize City, on a whim, I walked up to the Tropic Air counter and booked a flight on a 14-seat propeller plane to Flores, Guatemala. That’s the closest airport to Tikal, the largest and most significant Mayan city in the region. After a few hours sleep at a rustic lodge in Tikal National Park, I woke for a 4am hiking tour through the jungle to watch the sun rise from the top of Temple IV.

Later that day, I hopped in a van with some other American tourists that I met at the lodge and caught a ride back to the Belize border. Once I returned to Belize, I headed to the nearby town of San Ignacio which served as my perch for exploring additional Mayan sites and natural landscapes. When my time in San Ignacio drew to a close, I took a public bus — an adventure in itself — back to Belize City where I caught a water taxi to the tiny island of Caye Caulker. The remainder of the trip was full of island life, snorkeling, and Belizean cuisine.

  1. birmingham airport taxi says

    The pictures are really amazing and it tells about the whole story of your travel,I am eager to visit the places you have portrayed in the pictures, thanks for your suggestions.

  2. Janice Padilla says

    OK Chelle your description of yourself, describes me all the way. I never really knew what the correct word was for my desire to Go, but now I do. Can you provide information on how you got started, other than just getting on a plane. I am really looking for travel tips, maybe some of your favorite places, and un-favorite places.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Yvonne says

    Yvonne February 17, 2016 at 12:07 am
    Lovely pictures and explanations make a wonderful story. It either puts you right there and/or makes you want to visit too. Keep on flying and having fun!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Nadeen says

    Beautiful pictures! With the captions they tell a great story and really puts me there! I have never been to either country but would love to!

    1. Chelle Roberts says

      Thanks Nadeen! So glad you liked the photos. I think you’d really enjoy both countries.

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