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Promo: Last Day for Priority Club 6K Bonus [Expired]

It’s the last day to earn the Priority Club 6K Bonus for completing partner activities. Here’s the break down.

[ How The Promo Works ]

By today (3/31/2010), as a Priority Club member, you can complete 3 partner activities and earn 6K in bonuses that accrue as follows:

1st activity = 1000 points
2nd activity = 2000 points
3rd activity = 3000 points
total = 6000


[ Ideas For Your 3 Partner Activities ]

Here are some ideas for things you can do that have a good chance of posting with an activity date of March 31, 2010.

  1. Eat out today at a Priority Club Dining restaurant.
    Visit the Priority Club Dining Rewards website and find a local restaurant.  Be sure to verify that the one you’ve selected will be giving points today (Occasionally, some restaurants have off days that aren’t points earners).   Also, make sure you use one of the credit cards that you have registered in the program.  These are two small details that if you miss, may cost you the bonus points you’re seeking.
  2. Make a Priority Club Shopping Mall purchase.
    The shopping mall contains links to a ton of online stores.  There are several cheap options to consider for this promo. Just be sure to surf there through the Priority Club links and not directly to their site or you will not get credit.
  3. Visit Restaurant.Com through the Priority Club Shopping Mall and buy a certificate towards for one of the listed restaurants in your area.  With the current coupon (code = COOK), you will receive 80% off.  So, a $25 coupon which normally costs $10 can be purchased for $2.
  4. Transfer points from your American Express Rewards account into Priority Club.
    If you have at least 1000 Amex Rewards points, you can transfer them into your PC account with a 1-to-1 ratio.

  6. Buy 1000 Priority Club points Visit Priority Club’s points purchasing page and buy the minimum points (1000 for $13.50). This one is not the most cost effective way to earn points. But, it works in a pinch and is still a pretty good deal when you account for the bonus points you’ll earn.

  8. For more partner options, visit the promo site.

Get everything in before midnight and be sure to save your confirmation emails just in case you need to provide proof to Priority Club that you completed the activities before the 3/31/2010 deadline.

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