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How’d We Do? Priority Club 6K Bonus

The Priority Club 6K Bonus for completing partner activities ended a few days ago. Here’s an update from the BGFly crew.

[ How Did We Do On This Promo? ]

We completed 3 activities plus one for good measure, just in case something doesn’t post properly. Overall, this promo was a great one for us.

Partner Activity Spent Received
Meal via PC Dining Rewards $18 144 points
20 USAirways miles into PC points $free 2 points
1000 Amex Rewards into PC points $free 1000 points
$25 Restaurant cert via PC Mall $2 20 points
Summary: $20 1 meal

$25 certificate towards 2nd meal

1166 base points

6000 bonus points

This is the best $20 we’ve spent in a long time! 
How did you do on this promo?
Please share your stories below.

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