A travel site celebrating women of color who wanderlust

Who Are BrownGirlsFly?

Chelle & Crystal Roberts

We are sisters who love to travel domestically and internationally, experiencing other cultures, other languages, the joys and pains of human existence first hand.

We have a moderate travel budget, but have made it our obsession to find ways of stretching it as far as humanly possible.

Because we will follow a good travel deal wherever it leads,we are prone to craziness, like cross-country trips just to earn mileage or jaunts to Europe just to hang out with friends for the weekend.

We share our stories — and those of like-minded travelers — with hopes that they’ll inspire others to leave their comfort zones and experience the world for themselves.

Our Editorial Voice

Much of our content is focused on universal travel themes like destination profiles, wanderlust, packing tips, stylish gear and trip reports. But, as American women-of-color who’ve often wondered why we don’t encounter more people like us on the road, we also wanted to create a space where we could talk about practical tips, experiences, and concerns as they relate to cultures of color.

Travel and the life-lessons it brings have a way of breaking barriers, broadening perspectives, and deepening understanding. So, we invite everyone — regardless of age, gender, cultural background or locale — to join us in the discourse.

Our Photography

We try to use original works of photography or graphic designs as much as possible on the site. However, in the instances where we do use photographs or images from others, we cite the creator’s name and, where available, a link to the source.