Alaska: 72 Hours in the Land of Midnight Sun

With 20+ hours of sunlight and abundant beauty at every turn, Alaska in June is a true midsummer night's dream.

5 Fun Facts Every Traveler Should Know About Kansas City 

Split in two by a state border, the Kansas City metropolitan area has a geography unlike that of any other American city. Its primary urban center sits to the east in Missouri, while Kansas is home to a smaller sister city sharing the same name, a section of suburbs, and an...

5 Places To View The NYC Skyline

Where can you go to see New York City in a new way? This infographic contains a set of cool and unique places with unbelievable NYC skyline views.

Photo Journal: Adventure in Guatemala and Belize

Here's a photographic summary of my eight-day adventure in the jungle landscapes of Guatemala and Belize as well as the small islands off the coast.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Things to See and Do in Manhattan

Manhattan is home to some of New York City’s most popular destinations — from Harlem’s rich cultural history Uptown, to the bustling activities in Midtown’s Times Square, Broadway theater district and Central Park, to the shopping hotspots and colorful...

Round The World In 40 Days: A Photographic Journey

I took a 22,000-mile round the world trip for 40-days, to 7 countries on 3 continents. Here's the journey captured in photographs.

5 Fabulous Turquoise Beach Destinations

Having been raised on the coast, there's no surprise my travels revolve around the sea. Here are 5 of the most fabulous turquoise beach destinations I've seen.

Sydney, Australia for the Uninitiated

As an American girl visiting Sydney, Australia for the 1st time, I had a lot to learn. I saw past the cliches and learned a few lessons along the way. Here are a few tips that newbies planning a trip to the Land Down Under might enjoy.

Antarctica: Getting To The Great White Continent

Antarctica is amazing! Getting there was easier than I anticipated. Here are a few practical tips guest contributor Lisa Carol Young learned in the process that might help you plan your own adventure to the distant continent.

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Philadelphia

From its cultural diversity, creative vibe and growing foodie scene, Philadelphia is a great destination. Here are 5 reasons to love the City of Brotherly Love.

10 Impressive Stats About Olympic National Park

Our trip to Olympic National Park was amazing! But it wasn't until we reflected on all we learned that we realized just how impressive it really is. Here are ten of the coolest statistics that will leave you with a much deeper appreciation for the national park.

36 Hours In Bologna, Italy

Bologna was the last stop on our two-week jaunt through Italy and we had limited time to explore it. In such a short time, we fell in love with the city. Here are 8 of our fave things to do in Bologna in 36 hours.