Celebrity Travel Watch: They Travel Just Like We Do

This week, there have been several sightings of celebs experiencing the world. The Obama girls, Samuel L. Jackson, Beyonce and Jay-Z remind us they have the same sense of wonder about the world as we do.

Bey-Z Jetsetting in Venice, Italy!

Ciao Bella! Beyonce & Jay Z really know how to celebrate. Heck. Why not? They have plenty of reasons -- big birthday, new album, baby in the making -- the list goes on ...

Michelle, Sasha & Malia Obama Travel To Africa

It's pretty exciting for us to see Michelle Obama showing her daughters the world. Last year they vacationed in southern Spain and this year a good will trip to Africa! What an amazing way to grow up!

Celebrity Travel: Everybody’s Heading to St Barts

Earlier in the year, I rambled on about my penchant for undiscovered locales and how I try to avoid the over-publicized celebrity hot-spots. But, out of curiosity (and in efforts not to be so closed minded), I started keeping track of the travel patterns of some of the...

Wanderlusting: Why Should We Care Where Celebrities Travel?

Several years ago, I remember trying to convince my family and friends that Turks and Caicos was this most amazing, often overlooked, island paradise just a stone’s throw away from the Bahamas.  After months of making references and dropping hints, everyone’s...