Jetsetter Roundup: Adventure Travel

This month's Jetsetter Roundup is a compilation of adventure travel stories from travelistas around the globe. Enjoy the inspiring stories, photos & advice.

Agnes & The Beaded Dress: My Time in a Maasai Village

On Diane Haithman's recent trip to Ongata-Rangai, a small Maasai village in Kenya, she had a chance to meet some of the talented women who create the traditional hand-beaded accessories she loves. Diane offers a glimpse into daily Maasai life and her excitement the day she...

I’m Black, So I’m Kind of a Big Deal in China

We didn’t speak the same language, but the look in her eye told me everything I needed to know. She thought I was someone famous. I was black in China. So, obviously, I had to be Beyoncé. I boarded the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel train for a trip over to the land of odd-looking...

Photo Journal: Exploring Dubai & Abu Dhabi

I recently spent a few days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here are some of the trip photos capturing the people, culture, history, food & bold architecture of the UAE.

Round The World In 40 Days: A Photographic Journey

I took a 22,000-mile round the world trip for 40-days, to 7 countries on 3 continents. Here's the journey captured in photographs.

Nomadic Fever: 20 Signs That You’re A Travel Addict

When your every move is about getting your next "travel fix," nomadic fever may be at the root. Here are 20 signs that you are becoming a travel addict.

American Latino Expedition To Olympic National Park

In a few weeks, we're headed to Olympic National Park as part of the @American_Latino 2013 Expedition. Here's why this news is so exciting for us and for other travelers of color.

36 Hours In Bologna, Italy

Bologna was the last stop on our two-week jaunt through Italy and we had limited time to explore it. In such a short time, we fell in love with the city. Here are 8 of our fave things to do in Bologna in 36 hours.

Cuba Travel: Did Jay & Bey Do Something Wrong?

Everyone's weighing in on Beyonce & JayZ's recent trip to Cuba. Having been myself, I understand the travel process and wanted to examine what's going on here.

Ode To International Friendship

When I stumbled on this picture today, it reminded me of my friend Nic and what I consider to be my most international friendship. I thought I'd share our story which spans 8 countries and 3 continents.

Travel Etiquette: Our Top 5+ Travel Pet Peeves

This week, the Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival will be buzzing about travel etiquette, with an emphasis on pet peeves. Check out our top 5+ list, then tell us yours!

Rethinking Race In Italia: Psychotic Firenze

My fabulous evening reveling in the afterglow of fireworks, great music and local cuisine suddenly turned horribly ugly. Racial slurs, a death threat and a physical altercation left me questioning my once-favorite Italian city.