Travel Tunes: Fly Away (8 Songs)

"I'm Like A Bird. I'll only fly away. I don't know where my soul is. I don't know where my home is." (Nelly Furtado) Though she is lamenting her relationship status and not an unfulfilled desire to vacation in the Azores, Nelly Furtado hit on a universal theme -- the need to escape.

Travel Tip: 3-Hour Tarmac Rule in US

Today’s travel news is focused on the Tarmac delay rules that were recently announced. This is one of those traveler’s rights moments that everyone should be aware of. The travel industry has been abuzz since the US Department of Transportation announced last December...

Wanderlusting: Why Should We Care Where Celebrities Travel?

Several years ago, I remember trying to convince my family and friends that Turks and Caicos was this most amazing, often overlooked, island paradise just a stone’s throw away from the Bahamas.  After months of making references and dropping hints, everyone’s...

Travel Tunes: Wanderlust (6 Songs)

An eclectic mix of musical eras, genres and styles -- all touting that irresistible impulse to travel, wander & escape.

5+ Crazy Acts Done in the Name of Travel

We've done a lot of crazy things in the name of travel and adventure. Some are silly, others stupid, and many are mild in comparison to what we've seen our peers do. Check out or top crazy travel moments and tell us what you think.

BrownGirlsFly’s Greatest Inspiration

Though he's no longer with us, our father is the inspiration that fuels BrownGirlsFly. He introduced us to the joys of international travel, the frequent flier mile game, and the culture awaiting us in the world. Thanks for giving us our first taste of wanderlust!