Travel Tunes: 5 Songs About Mama Africa

I've been vibing all day to 5 great songs written by African artists, sharing good thoughts about their motherland. Listen with me.

Michelle, Sasha & Malia Obama Travel To Africa

It's pretty exciting for us to see Michelle Obama showing her daughters the world. Last year they vacationed in southern Spain and this year a good will trip to Africa! What an amazing way to grow up!

5 Travel Memoirs With Heart

When your wanderlust and your wallet are at war, a well-written travel memoir can take you on an exciting journey without the added expense. Here are five memoirs revolving around soul searching, self discovery, love, and other matters of the heart.

Photo Journal: Zimbabwe 2009

Here are a few photos from the "Great Zimbabwe" -- a UNESCO world heritage site in the southeastern hills of Zimbabwe -- containing ancient ruins of a Shona kingdom dating back to the 11th century.