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36 Hours In Bologna, Italy

Bologna was the last stop on our two-week jaunt through Italy and we had limited time to explore it. In such a short time, we fell in love with the city. Here are 8 of our fave things to do in Bologna in 36 hours.

How I Earned The Nickname “Korean Girl”

Though I'm on the lighter end of the color spectrum, one glance at my stature, my facial structure, hair texture, eye shape, and you'd never for one second think I was of Asian descent. So, how did I get my newest nickname "Korean Girl"? Now that's an interesting story.

Promo: 2x Priority Club Dining Points [Expired]

Happy Thursday, BGF Bleeps, Tweeps & Peeps! Here's another Priority Club promo for you to jump on this week. The point-earning opportunities are stacking up! March through June, you can earn DOUBLE the points in the Dining program. Check it out . .