Window Seat Wednesday: Eastern Caribbean

When my seat mates saw how incessantly I snapped photos of the sites below, they questioned whether I had been in a plane before. Their snarkiness quickly melted into giddy awe at the extravagant display of turquoise and blue swirling beneath us.

Window Seat Wednesday: Crayola Sunset

Who doesn't love a stunning sunset? Somewhere along the flight path from Beijing to Chicago, the setting sun emptied its crayola box and filled the sky with color. This photo doesn't do the real thing justice. Happy Window Seat Wednesday!

Window Seat Wednesday: Over Europe

In celebration of Window Seat Wednesday, here are few of my fave aerial shots over France, Germany, and the Alps.

My Heart’s Still In SFO. Isn’t It Obvious Why?

With dramatic bluffs that drop into endless Pacific Blues, Redwoods that reach to infinity, and wonderfully temperate weather, the Bay Area is my kinda place. Here's some eye candy -aka- visual justification for my travelust.

WindowSeat Wednesday: Headed West

It's WindowSeat Wednesday and in honor of my recent return from the Left Coast, I thought I'd share a couple of my aerial shots of interesting places along the route between Chicago and California.