Promo: Last Day for Priority Club 6K Bonus [Expired]

It’s the last day to earn the Priority Club 6K Bonus for completing partner activities. Here’s the break down. [ How The Promo Works ] By today (3/31/2010), as a Priority Club member, you can complete 3 partner activities and earn 6K in bonuses that accrue as follows:...

Promo: Easy 15K Priority Club Points [Expired]

We've explained the wiles of earning as many Priority Club Points as possible with the least amount of effort and expense. Here's a super easy one that yields a hefty result. ... 15K miles for opening a Chase Checking account.

Promo: Easy 100 Priority Club Points [Expired]

Another quick and easy Priority Club points earning opportunity. Take this quiz on the Priority Club website and you'll earn an immediate 100 points. (Hint: D, A, C)

Promo: Easy 300 Priority Club Points [Expired]

Another Priority Club tip for the week. Take this the quiz and earn some quick points. 5 questions. 2 minutes. 300 points. Just do it! P.S. Here's a little hint for you . . . .

Promo: Cheap Priority Club Rewards Nights [Expired]

For the past week or so, we've been discussing ways for you to earn Priority Club Points quickly and cheaply. Now the question becomes, what do you do with all those points? Every quarter Priority Club places some of their properties on the Points Break List, where rooms can be...