Window Seat Wednesday: Eastern Caribbean

When my seat mates saw how incessantly I snapped photos of the sites below, they questioned whether I had been in a plane before. Their snarkiness quickly melted into giddy awe at the extravagant display of turquoise and blue swirling beneath us.

Window Seat Wednesday: Over Europe

In celebration of Window Seat Wednesday, here are few of my fave aerial shots over France, Germany, and the Alps.

WindowSeat Wednesday: Headed West

It's WindowSeat Wednesday and in honor of my recent return from the Left Coast, I thought I'd share a couple of my aerial shots of interesting places along the route between Chicago and California.

Wanderlust & Window Seats: Ms Badu Gets It

For someone like me who's been obsessed with the window seat for as long as I can remember, I was excited to hear Erykah Badu's ode to wanderlust, escapism and return. Indulge me as I muse about her "Window Seat" lyrics and what they say to my traveler's soul.