Michelle, Sasha & Malia Obama Travel To Africa

It's pretty exciting for us to see Michelle Obama showing her daughters the world. Last year they vacationed in southern Spain and this year a good will trip to Africa! What an amazing way to grow up!

Broken Wings: Brown Girls In India

One of our missions is to encourage women of color around the world to spread their wings and fly. So it was painful for us to see this video about the inflated value of men in some cultures and the consequences for women who don't bare a male child.

Wanderlust & Window Seats: Ms Badu Gets It

For someone like me who's been obsessed with the window seat for as long as I can remember, I was excited to hear Erykah Badu's ode to wanderlust, escapism and return. Indulge me as I muse about her "Window Seat" lyrics and what they say to my traveler's soul.

Travel Tunes: Strength of Women (6 Songs)

In honor of Women's History month, we've been "vibing" to songs highlighting women's collective strength, courage and wisdom. Have a listen and enjoy the sounds of Indie Arie, Christina Aguilera, Queen Latifah, Tina Turner and other soulful women who've faced and overcome great...

Musings: Protect Women’s Rights or Their Culture?

Globally, it seems that many of the abuses against women are masked as cultural practices. How do we find the balance between protecting an individual's rights and respecting a culture? There are more questions than answers, but the resolution begins with dialogue and desire to...